Vasantidevi Patil Institute of Pharmacy

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Library Commiteee


Vasantidevi Patil Institute of Pharmacy Library with its state-of-the-art building, hardware, software and other allied resources is fast developing into one of the finest institutional library. Its inviting architecture provides an ambiance that is relaxed and modern; and space that is large yet intimate. The resources available include books on an impressive array of subjects, course-specific reading material, academic journals and various digital resources. 


It houses sufficient reference and reading material for students and faculty from disciplines. VPIP Library has a good collection of 8544 + volumes, 1373 + titles as well as 16,922 e-books, of all Pharmacy discipline. It includes extracurricular and competitive examination books such as GPAT and MPSC etc.


To support the College vision, by bringing people and information together in innovative ways.


To support the mission of the College, by providing the library users information services by way of instruction, research, and curricular offerings through updated Library resources and services.