Vasantidevi Patil Institute of Pharmacy

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Principal's Message


Dr. A. S. Manjappa
Vasantidevi Patil Institute of Pharmacy, Kodoli

“Warm seasonal Greetings to all…” 

Principal’s Desk Shree Yashwant Shikshan Prasarak Mandal’s (YSPM’s) Vasantidevi Patil Institute Pharmacy (VPIP) is established under the aegis of great visionary Hon. Shri. Yashawant Eknath Patil (Former MLA) with the motto of "SHILAM PARAM BHUSHNAM”. The YSPM’S VPIP currently offers Pharm D (ESTD. 2022), M. Pharmacy (Department of Pharmaceutics and Department of Quality Assurance) (ESTD. 2022), B. Pharmacy (ESTD. 2017), and Diploma in Pharmacy (ESTD. 2003). We adhere to the principle of “Learn about how to learn” & with the goal of producing qualified and competent pharmacy professionals who can meet the demands of academia, research, pharma business, and society. We have been working diligently to transform our college into a centre of academic excellence and research in the field of Pharmacy. Through the collaborative ecosystem, we endeavour to contribute our humble share to address the Society’s health care problems. 


At VPIP, we are aware that we have achieved less since B. Pharmacy course establishment (2017), and a long way to go. With the cooperation of our all stakeholders, we diligently working to become NAAC, NBA, NIRF, and ISO certified Institute. VPIP currently hiring faculties with strong research background and passion, procuring advanced research equipments, and getting access to several national and international journals to establish an excellent research center and to impart research skills in students. Since the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 was implemented, education has evolved to meet societal demands and shifts in technology. Therefore, at VPIP, we encourage students to learn new things, enhance their professional abilities, and develop critical thinking skills so they can handle real- world professional issues.